CCTV Solutions

£478.80 inc VAT

Here you can choose the amount of cameras you would like on your system - All cameras come with waterproof connection boxes + Connectors + up to 15 metres of cable per camera.

We can supply a 2 man crew if there is access issues or if it is a large installation and requires a second man for health and safety reasons.

We use powerline adapters to get the internet connection to the DVR from your router through the earth of the house.

Additional Charges On-Site

Additional Cable Per Meter - £1.00

2 Man Team - £95.00

Powerline Adapters - £85.00

At National AV, we excel in providing the best installation for our customers. We supply state of the art HIK Vision equipment to give the customer the peace of mind that their security system will meet their requirements. When you are fitting CCTV, you have to make sure cables are hidden as much as possible. This is not always possible and in those instances, we can supply conduit or trunking to meet your requirements. We use POC (Power Over Coax Cameras); this means that we do not need separate power supplies and we can cut the cables to length to keep your installation nice and neat. As a standard part of your installation, we supply all of the equipment including - connectors, connection boxes and up to 15 meters of cable. We understand 15 meters is not always enough cable, so anything over 15 metres we can supply at £1 per mt.